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PHE Accessories


We’re PHEA, a professional Plate Heat Exchanger gasket and plate supplier.

PHEAccessories.com is a professional PHE gasket and plate supplier focusing on compatible replacements of plate heat exchanger gaskets, plates and other accessories for all kinds of brands, which are 100% compatible to original machines.




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What Makes Us?

Behind the scenes, PHEA is having a professional purchasing team with 8 years experience.

PHEAccessories.com was estabished in 2021 by the team of FSC(FreeShoppingChina.com). Prior to PHEAccessories.com, the team has been working as industrial product purchasing agent for more than 8 years.

The team deeply understands what the customers want by thinking in customer’s view, and can provide customers with fast and professional solutions. PHEAccessories.com is a fast solution of replacement gaskets and plates for plate heat exchanger users.

PHE Accessories

Why Choose Us?

More Selections

PHEAccessories.com can offer more than 3000 models of plate heat exchanger gaskets and plates by cooperating with more than 20 factories. The models are 100% compatible to original machines.

Lower Cost

Comparing to the original branded gaskets or plates, the replacements prices from PHEAccessories.com are very competitive, can be lower to even 20% of the original product cost, while the quality is almost the same. By using the replacement gaskets and plates, users can greatly save the plate heat exchanger maintenance cost.

Higher Efficiency

PHEAccessories.com offers one stop purchasing service. By simply providing the model or technical data, users can get what they want easily, while leaving the detailed jobs to PHEAccessories.com.

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