Although we all know that the resistance of the plate heat exchanger is an important factor affecting the heat exchange effect, we don’t know how to reduce the resistance of the heat exchanger.

Let’s talk about the methods from the customer service personnel of the plate heat exchanger:

1. Use of hot mixing plate: the use of hot mixing plate can reduce the plate area compared with the use of symmetrical single process equipment.
2. Asymmetric equipment: equipment with equal flow cross-sectional area of cold and hot flow channels.
3. Multi process combination: multi process combination arrangement can be adopted when the flow of cold and hot medium is large.
4. Equipment bypass pipe: bypass pipe can be set at the inlet and outlet of equipment at the side of large flow. When the flow of cold and hot medium is relatively large.
5. Selection of equipment form: the resistance should not be greater than 100KPA. According to different cold and hot medium flow ratio, the average medium flow rate in the channel between equipment plates should be 0.30.6ms.